The community

To combat social exclusion and promote education and culture

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions has chosen to focus on social issues it sees as parti­cularly important, such as improving financial education in vulnerable communities. We are also active in providing long-term support for non-profit organisations that are dedicated to helping children.

Our commitments:
  • To expand our corporate sponsorship programme
  • To promote financial education to combat over-indebtedness
Our priority:
  • To structure a corporate sponsorship policy focused on helping children
  • To develop financial education initiatives in all of our largest operating countries
Our goals:
  • To promote our financial education programmes with an emphasis in those countries where we have more than 200 employees (France, Germany, Italy and the UK)


As well as supporting our charity partner, Alzheimer’s Society, our people get involved with local fundraising events within our local community.

Naomi House charity shop – Naomi House holds an annual ‘Battle of the Banks’ competition, where local banks are designated a store and given six weeks to gather merchandise, promote the event and raise as much money as possible.

The challenge was taken up by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions volunteers, who raised £2,035 for this excellent local cause.

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