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Digitally adapting to regulatory change

Nicolas Marque discusses how BNP Paribas has approached regulatory changes by digitising its business and adapting its IT systems.

Nicolas Marque, global head of equity derivatives at BNP Paribas global markets discusses how the bank has tackled regulatory changes by digitising its business and adapting its IT systems, and why investment andacquisitions in infrastructure make it stand out in the equity derivatives space. 

Will investors’ appetite for equity products continue to grow in 2018 following this year’s surge? 
Nicolas Marque, BNP Paribas: Investors’ appetite for structured equity products depends on the momentum in the underlying and structuring conditions – momentum is expected to remain favourable to equities. Although a number of risks have arisen – high valuations, for example – the consensus is that benign conditions and attractiveness of equities relative to other asset classes should be prolonged for most of 2018.


How has BNP Paribas tackled regulatory changes in the financial services industry and adjusted its business model to new frameworks? 
Nicolas Marque: Mifid II is a wide-reaching regulatory change that impacts the entire business value chain – both on our side and the clients’. An adaptation of our IT systems has been essential to meet these new regulatory requirements while maintaining our efficiency. Digitalisation of our business enables us to capture the relevant data more easily, change processes quickly, automate repetitive tasks and ultimately respond to our clients in a seamless manner…

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