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We aspire to equip businesses with the essential financial knowledge necessary to cultivate growth and foster innovation. Our Finance Unlocked training programme empowers our partners to effectively promote and sell leasing as solution to enable their customers business investment. The programme is led by our Head of Partner Training and Development, Andy Milsom. With a career spanning over 25 years in the leasing industry he brings a wealth of expertise, finely attuned to the nuances of the selling pain points for our partners.

Finance Unlocked allows our partners to harness the benefits of leasing, while facilitating their customers journey towards business success. Rated highly for its bespoke training modules and offered at no cost to our partners, the programme serves as a vital resource and differential in today’s competitive landscape.


  • Offered free of charge to our partners, potentially saving thousands in training costs.
  • Our training modules are led by our CPD accredited expert Andy Milsom.
  • Choose from face to face, webinar or online training.
  • From just 10 minutes per module, you can select the modules which best match your training needs and tailor the programme to suit your schedule.

We sat down with Andy to delve deeper into how Finance Unlocked benefits the partners that have attended, but also serves as a catalyst for driving business growth.

What inspired the creation of Finance Unlocked, and what goals did you aim to achieve with this programme?

The inspiration behind Finance Unlocked stemmed from a recognition of the evolving needs of partner sales teams in the asset finance industry. We noticed a growing demand for bespoke solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced by partners. With Finance Unlocked, our goal is help generate business growth for our partners by equipping them with the knowledge they need to confidently sell leasing.

  1. How does Finance Unlocked differ from traditional training programmes in the industry?

Finance Unlocked stands apart from traditional training programmes because of its bespoke nature. Unlike generic training offerings, Finance Unlocked is tailored to the unique markets and objectives of our partners. This ensures that every session is highly relevant and directly applicable to the challenges faced by partner sales teams.

Could you elaborate on the accreditation process with the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and its significance for the Finance Unlocked programme?

This certification attests to the programme’s adherence to the highest standards of quality and integrity. CPD accreditation provides partners with assurance regarding the credibility and effectiveness of Finance Unlocked.


  • How to use finance to sell equipment before and at point of sale
  • Industry trends and reasons why end-users choose finance to acquire capital equipment
  • Underwriting and how reading accounts can increase proposal acceptance rates
  • A general overview of regulation and compliance as it affects partner sales teams.

Sessions are meticulously tailored to the objectives of our partners and the specific market dynamics in which they operate. By customising the content to address the unique challenges faced by each partner, we ensure that Finance Unlocked delivers maximum value and relevance.

Could you walk us through a typical session of Finance Unlocked, highlighting its interactive elements and engagement strategies?

Our engagement strategies are directed by our own sales teams, ensuring alignment with partner objectives. We typically utilise a webinar format and maximise engagement through interactive elements such as Q&A sessions and case studies, however we do also offer face to face sessions. From here, each session of Finance Unlocked is tailored to suit the specific requirements of our partners. While smaller partners may opt for single sessions covering specific topics, larger partners often prefer comprehensive training programmes.

  1. How do you ensure that Finance Unlocked remains relevant and up-to-date in an ever-evolving industry landscape?

I actively engage with relevant publications and attend industry events and webinars organised by esteemed agencies like the Office for National Statistics, Bank of England, and Institute for Fiscal Studies. By remaining informed about emerging trends and best practices, we ensure that Finance Unlocked evolves in tandem with the dynamic needs of the industry.


Can you share any success stories or notable outcomes resulting from the implementation of Finance Unlocked?

The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive. We’ve witnessed a strong demand for repeat sessions covering different content, indicating the tangible value that Finance Unlocked delivers to our partners. This positive reception underscores the effectiveness of the programme in empowering partner sales teams with the knowledge and skills they need for their business thrive.

WHAT do our Partners think?

The right amount of information that keeps you engaged and involved.”

Great presentation, ensuring all levels of understanding are covered.”

Really helpful and good to explain to customers about why asset finance is important for their business.”

What ongoing support or resources are available to partners post-training to reinforce their learning from Finance Unlocked?

Following the training sessions, we provide partners with ongoing support and resources to reinforce their learning from Finance Unlocked. This includes offering follow-up training sessions to delve deeper into specific topics or address any additional questions or concerns that may arise. We also distribute slides used during the training sessions, allowing partners to revisit key concepts and reinforce their understanding. Additionally, partners have access to relevant blogs and resources via social media channels ensuring continuous learning and development beyond the initial training period.

In your opinion, what are the key benefits that partners derive from participating in Finance Unlocked?

Partners participating in Finance Unlocked stand to gain a multitude of benefits. Not only do they  acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills essential for success in the asset finance industry; they also develop a more efficient, targeted and agile sales force, consequently enabling them to drive business growth.

Can you share any insights into the future direction of Finance Unlocked and potential enhancements on the horizon?

Finance Unlocked is continuously driven by evolving political, technological, and economic conditions. As advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to reshape industries and sales environments, we anticipate new opportunities to further enhance the training offer and equip partner sales teams with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly digital and data-driven landscape.

In conclusion, what message would you like to convey to our readers regarding the transformative impact of Finance Unlocked on our partners and the broader asset finance industry? 

Achieving sales targets solely through excellent product knowledge is no longer sufficient. Today, developing empathy and realising the full sales potential requires a deeper understanding of prospective customers, extending beyond product details to encompass a comprehensive grasp of financial matters. Finance Unlocked offers the necessary training to attain this objective, empowering individuals to cultivate meaningful connections with customers and capitalise on sales opportunities with confidence.

Our comprehensive Finance Unlocked training equips you with the knowledge you need to sell the right leasing solutions to your customers, whatever your level of experience. It will help you to maximise the benefits offered by leasing and to effectively handle any customer questions or objections with confidence.

Finance Unlocked provides an understanding of the different finance solutions available and the relative benefits of leasing over cash or a bank loan as a means of acquiring capital equipment, or more bespoke training which is specific to you and your industry. Click here to find out more.

If you’re interested in helping your sales team overcome finance-related hurdles during the selling cycle, please get in touch with Andy on 07966 114 243 or by email.

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