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Leasing: a rental and financing method in line with the circular economy

Access has replaced ownership through a massive shift in consumer mindset. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions aims to drive these economic and social transformations by helping its partners adopt financing solutions that favor access and, by extension, the circular economy.

A beneficial system for a wide range of equipment

Leasing consists of renting an asset with the option of buying it at the end of the contract term for a fixed price determined when signing the lease. It is open to individuals, businesses and organizations, while it can also cover assets as diverse as a personal car, a combine harvester or an entire IT infrastructure. Central to this system is the financial organization that buys the asset from the manufacturer on behalf of its customer. In return, the customer pays a monthly rent as the lessee. 

This system offers many benefits: access to the latest models, no need to purchase or resell the equipment, budget control, optimized cash flow and even certain tax incentives. This financing model also makes it possible to acquire equipment when an immediate purchase is not possible or not desired. 

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