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‘The UK cannot afford to sit back and let the IoT revolution pass us by’

The internet of things holds the promise of creating a more productive, healthier and sustainable society. Yet, adoption in the UK has been slow.

While technical concerns have been raised in the past, slow adoption of the internet of things (IoT) is now more likely to be due to a lack of clarity on what it offers and how it can be harnessed.

In recent years, battery life, underlying connectivity and processing power have all improved, supporting the development of better performing devices and applications for the IoT. The increasing maturity of the technology has also led to further adoption, sometimes to quite advanced levels, but only in pockets of the consumer and enterprise markets.

The UK, however, has not seen the level of adoption that was expected. The lack of large-scale IoT deployments in the UK is partly to blame. Low levels of confidence remain due to limited experience with the technology and procurement processes in a UK-specific environment. This is particularly apparent with local authorities, where fragmentation and differences in municipal structures globally mean experiences in one place do not translate to another.

By Julian David, chief executive of techUK

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