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As the COVID-19 health crisis evolves, we are taking steps to help protect the health and wellbeing of our people, partners and communities. We have set out a series of actions to ensure that our people are safe and that our business can continue to support the needs of our partners and customers. All of our people are now working remotely.

  • Contacting Customer Services

We have seen an understandable but significant increase in requests for payment reschedules. We have temporarily closed Customer Services telephone lines and are asking customers to contact us on the email addresses below. This is to allow requests to be processed in a chronological way. We ask that customers do not cancel Direct Debits mandates.  

Agriculture, Construction, Materials Handling and Commercial Vehicles

If you have an existing finance agreement and wish to enquire about restructuring payments, please contact paymentenquiries.ls@uk.bnpparibas.com

For all other enquiries, contact csbas.leasingsolutions@uk.bnpparibas.com

IT, Telecoms, Office Equipment and Healthcare

For all enquiries relating to an existing finance agreement please contact cs.leasingsolutions@uk.bnpparibas.com

For all existing partner enquiries, please contact portfolio.leasingsolutions@uk.bnpparibas.com

We are working hard to respond to all enquiries. Please be assured we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

  • Remote Working

The vast majority of our people are now remote working and we have tested critical processes to ensure that we can carry out essential tasks. 

  • Visitors to sites

We are mindful of the need to stay in close touch with our partners. However, due to the evolving situation, we are currently asking visitors not to come to our sites. We will be using remote communication technology to keep in touch on a regular basis.

  • International Travel

No international travel is currently taking place.

  • Business Continuity Planing

We have robust Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) in place to ensure that we continue to offer high levels of service to our partners and customers.

We have tested our remote working capabilities to ensure that our infrastructure of capabilities (mobile devices, remote communication tools etc) can continue to support our people to offer high levels of service.

  • Maintaining up-to-date awareness on COVID-19

Resources, Risk, IT and Communications) to regularly meet and assess the ongoing situation, ensuring that we are prepared and capable as the situation evolves.  We will provide updates as necessary.

We pride ourselves on quality of our internal and external relationships and over the coming weeks and months are focussed on maintaining the high standards and good quality that our partners and customers expect.

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