Agriculture Finance

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is rooted in the agricultural industry. Over 45 years ago, we started helping farm businesses to grow. Today, we’re a leading provider of farm machinery finance, partnering successfully with manufacturers, dealers and brokers across the UK.

Farm machinery finance

What is farm machinery finance?

Capital expenditure is a constant concern for agricultural businesses. It’s a seasonal industry: harvest yields – and therefore margins – are prone to fluctuation. The right equipment can be essential to getting the most out of crops, but there’s no escaping the fact that tractors, chisel ploughs and rotary tillers can be expensive upfront purchases.

Farm machinery finance gives your customers access to your best and most up-to-date products whenever they need them. By offering assets via operating leases, finance leases, or hire purchase agreements, you can provide them with the assets they need – without straining their budgets or risking eventual obsolescence.

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Benefits of Leasing

The benefits of farm machinery finance

There are any numbers of reasons that your customers might opt for farm machinery finance. The level of flexibility regarding payment periods is naturally quite attractive: when it’s possible to pay installments over months and years, that unaffordable, top-of-the-line combine harvester suddenly seems like a realistic purchase.

If they favour ownership, a hire purchase agreement will allow them to use it as they pay for it. Where the initial upfront cost of an outright transaction might seem off-putting, this kind of arrangement allows the end-user to spread the cost over a period of time – while still taking full possession of the machine.

If they’re happy to forgo ownership, an operating lease requires minimal upfront costs and the item is returned to the company at the end of the contract – giving them the flexibility they need to lease a superior model as it arrives on the market. Agriculture is a fast-evolving industry, and this kind of arrangement allows your end-users to keep up with it.

These agreements are not perfect for every customer: they’re long-term commitments, and every farmer will have their own requirements and circumstances to consider. That said, they broaden possibilities far beyond cash purchases or simply not investing in new equipment at all.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions offers farm machinery finance that works for you and your customers. Whether they need easier, more affordable access to a transplanter, a subsoiler, a tractor, or something else entirely, we can help. Our solution isn’t just transactional: our partnership with you can include support, bespoke sales training, and smart tools – amongst other things to help you sell using finance. We aim to be business enablers for you and your customers.

We have wide-ranging experience in the agriculture sector and a deep understanding of working with the land – and the challenges involved. Use our expertise to help your customers finance the exact machinery they need and you’ll reap the rewards too.