We Manage Print

It’s not uncommon for customers to spread their printing needs among multiple suppliers. The challenge is obvious: how can you acquire a greater share of their overall print related business?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is an immediate solution to this challenge. It bundles all your customer’s hardware, software and servicing requirements into a single contract.

In addition it allows you to include the servicing costs for customer owned print equipment.* This means you can effectively take control of your customer’s entire print fleet and be in an optimum position to upgrade obsolete equipment.

Agreement duration varies from 12 to 60 months and at the end of the term your customer returns the assets to the leasing company.

*Subject to release from existing service and maintenance contracts.

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The benefits of We Manage Print

For your customers:

• New print equipment hardware can be acquired at a fixed quarterly fee, based on a transparent cost per print that includes service.

• All servicing needs for the rest of their print estate can be bundled into the same contract, giving them a one-stop-solution.

• Improved control of printing costs and usage.

For your business:

• Stronger, more profitable customer relationships thanks to increased contact and service delivery.

• Finance ‘soft costs’ such as professional services and print audits.

• MPS is made simple and convenient, enabling your business to become a well-respected MPS provider.

We Manage Print is the ideal platform for your business to manage your customers’ entire print infrastructure. Your business relationships will prosper as you, in turn, help your customers to reduce their costs and gain access to new and more efficient print devices.