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Our research – conducted in partnership with Quocirca – has shown that SMEs simply aren’t aware of alternatives to buying IT equipment outright. This isn’t surprising: SME owners have other priorities and don’t necessarily have time to read up on the best means of financing their equipment purchases.

But if you’re an IT solutions provider this can be a serious issue because buying and maintaining IT equipment outright can be expensive, and it puts companies off making regular purchases.

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and this is mostly to the advantage of your customers – their businesses can be run faster and smarter than ever before, and many tasks that would have been time-consuming or resource-draining can now be fully automated. Businesses that iterate with the latest technology can stay ahead of the curve, maximise business productivity and compete on a global scale. But new technology enters the market constantly and costs such as maintenance and disposal aren’t included in the price of purchase.

For your customers, IT finance represents a clear solution to this ongoing problem.

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Benefits of Leasing

Why IT finance?

There’s no reason your customers can’t finance IT equipment in the same way they might lease a car or a van. Just as a salesperson might offer a commercial vehicle on a £20,000 four-year lease, you should be equipped to offer expensive technology on comparable terms.

The advantages of this kind of arrangement for customers are obvious. The latest iteration of an accounting software, for example, might deliver clear benefits to your customer: maybe it automates a time-consuming process, maybe it can identify opportunities for saving money or maximising profits, maybe it’s just a bit faster than what they already have. But they might be reluctant to make the purchase for a number of reasons: it’s too expensive, the improvements are mostly incremental, and a newer, better version will be out next year.

An IT finance lease can help them make the leap. Because they pay in instalments, the upfront cost of acquiring new technology is substantially mitigated, and because the lease is by nature finite, they can simply sign a new lease on comparable terms at the end of the contract. That means they can stay up to date without being saddled by inefficient or non-functional technology.

In addition, customers don’t know how to install or configure new tools, much less perform routine maintenance. A lease can roll consultancy, setup, maintenance and training costs into the original contract for maximum convenience. This helps to make way for a prolonged relationship beyond the initial arrangement.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

In an intelligent world, IT procurement needs to be smart. Technology evolves fast, changing the way your customers work and demanding that their systems keep up. As an experienced provider of IT finance, we understand this.

We fund a wide variety of software and hardware packages. This means you can offer the exact technology bundle your customer needs – with no compromise. It’s an award-winning approach based on our dedication to simple, reliable finance.