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The advent of online orders and next-day delivery has increased consumer demand and boosted revenues – but with an increase in demand comes a corresponding need to move more products and materials in less time.

The narrowing of turnaround times has created opportunities for the materials handling industry, but the expense associated with securing new equipment can put many budgets and cash flow conscious businesses off. The upfront cost of machines like forklift trucks can make a persuasive case for delaying a purchase. And when a customer does buy a machine outright, they’re often inclined to commit to it until it stops working – at which point they may not have the budget to purchase a new, higher quality one.

If you’re a dealer or manufacturer, convincing customers who need the efficiency and productivity gains of new equipment to do business with you can be difficult. Fortunately, leasing presents a viable solution.

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Benefits of Leasing

The benefits of materials handling finance

By offering leasing to your customers for forklifts and other materials handling equipment, you can simultaneously address their biggest concerns about these expensive transactions, help them upgrade to the latest machines.

A lease payment structure has many advantages – most obviously, the option to pay in installments requires less immediate investment and may be more friendly to customers without room in their budget. A small amount paid monthly or quarterly over three or four years is often more manageable than full upfront payment.

But the nature of these agreements also encourages customers to upgrade regularly. Improvements to materials handling machinery are made routinely: they become more reliable, more effective, and more energy efficient. With the advent of the Internet of Things, this trend will only become more pronounced: fleets will grow more sophisticated, more interconnected, and more eco-friendly over time.

Keeping up will be essential for any business hoping to stay competitive and with a lease agreement in place, customers can upgrade to the latest models with relative ease.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions makes it easier for manufacturers and dealers of materials handling equipment to put their products within financial reach for their customers. Whether they’re looking for an asset finance lease, a business hire purchase agreement, or operating lease, we can help.