Are you struggling to grow your business? Staying competitive in a fluctuating market is a challenge for manufacturers and dealers. Unless you’re offering your customers financial solutions to meet their needs, you’ll likely to lose valuable trade. That’s where our partner finance solutions can help. Our solutions are designed to help your customers afford the assets they need, from fleets of commercial vehicles, to advanced technology and suites of software, to the latest farming machinery.

Our finance solutions are available to equipment manufacturers, distributors and resellers operating in multiple sectors including:

Open the door to business growth

When your customers don’t have the capital or cash flow to make an upfront investment in much needed business equipment, partner finance can help you provide them with the solution they’re looking for. A tailored leasing agreement can overcome budget limitations and add weight to their cost benefit analysis.

If you’re an agricultural equipment supplier for example, your customers’ businesses will peak and trough in line with the farming seasons. Their cash flow will be limited by their revenue cycle which, in turn, will limit their ability to buy the latest tractors or combine harvesters outright. Financing this equipment through leasing will enable them to use their budgets more effectively and access the required equipment when they need it most.

Our core range of partner finance products includes:

Business Hire Purchase

This product lets the eventual owner of an asset pay for it over a period of time. It’s very flexible with variable deposits and balloon payments which can help to reduce the periodic repayment amount. Payments can even be matched to a seasonal income cycle.

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Finance Lease

A Finance Lease gives access to the latest equipment for a regular sum that can be offset against taxable profits. This form of leasing is common because there’s usually no large outlay of cash at the beginning of the lease. This helps to boost your customer’s cash flow whilst benefiting from enhanced revenues gained from investing in new equipment.

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Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is a popular choice when usage of an asset matters more to your customer than outright ownership. As a residual value for the equipment is taken into account at the inception of the lease, the rental payments will be lower than other forms of lease agreements.

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Contract Hire

Contract Hire is a fully inclusive way to rent vehicles with servicing costs rolled into rental payments. These payments are a business expense which makes Contract Hire a smart way to access vehicles. At the end of the contract the equipment is returned and if all return conditions are met, there’s nothing more to pay.

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For our partners working in the technology and office equipment markets, we offer a range of products that can deliver unparalleled customer value in a rapidly evolving environment:

Total Volume Plan

Our flagship usage-based print finance solution.

We Manage Print

Consolidates print hardware servicing under one simple agreement.

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Technology Plan

Offers customers an intelligent way to deploy and manage their entire IT estate including software, soft costs and hardware.

Each solution is simple to manage and will slot into your sales proposition seamlessly.

Unlock your own sales potential

A partnership with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions will give you the opportunity to grow your business further. It’s important to us that your cash flow stays as positive as possible, so we make sure to pay your invoices quickly – often within 24-hours. With better cash flow and a reduced credit risk, you can target larger sales and bring in bigger profits.

Value-add services

It’s not only our finance products that lead the way. We’ve developed services that sit alongside our products to help you make the most of our partnership. These services are based on our deep understanding of your market.

At BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, we offer bespoke ‘Finance Unlocked’ training, which empowers your team to understand leasing and how it can help your customers and your business. By partnering with us you also receive access to our innovative partner tools, which can manage quotes, proposals, and more, across a range of platforms.

With our solutions and support, you’ll be able to give your customers the most competitive deals and dedicated service possible.


Finance Unlocked

Speak to our team today to find out how our partner finance solutions can help your business succeed.