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Printers, copiers and scanners are all fundamental office assets which are used daily to support critical functions.

Their heavy usage, however, can leave your customer facing regular maintenance costs for machines that quickly depreciate. Our office equipment leasing solutions present a much smarter option.

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Why leasing office equipment is better for business

All businesses change shape over time. It’s not always possible to anticipate when these changes will happen, or how they will affect a company’s needs. Unexpected growth, for example, may be exhilarating, but not if your customer’s office equipment is designed to cater for 12 rather than 24 employees.

What’s more, office technology companies tend to replace the older models of their products every couple of years at the very least. It’s hard for customers to justify large upfront purchases for office equipment that will soon be obsolete and require replacing. Even if they do manage to secure the budget they need, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back to you for the upgrade.

You don’t want your customers to go without the technology they need to stay competitive and relevant. Leasing office equipment to your customers enables them to access and refresh the technology they need at a fixed price – and helps to strengthen your customer relationships.

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Benefits of Leasing

Which office equipment leasing solutions are right for your customers?

In addition to our standard lease products, we also offer a selection of office equipment leasing solutions, and each one is designed to help you meet your customers’ needs, leading to lasting relationships.

We Manage Print enables you to deliver a consolidated Managed Print Service (MPS) to your customer. It bundles all hardware, software and servicing needs for all print hardware – including owned equipment – into a single contract.

• Our Total Volume Plan (TVP) allows you to create a cost-effective contract that is based on the useful life of your customers’ print fleet – something a standard leasing agreement does not typically consider.

Our lease agreements can be structured to suit each customer’s specific needs and terms can range from 12 to 60 months. Finance can be arranged for almost any combination of hardware and software, as well as services such as consultancy.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

We offer office equipment leasing solutions that work for you and your customers. Access to business-critical equipment is made easier and more affordable. Our solutions are designed to meet your customers’ business needs and can include bespoke sales training, smart tools and dedicated support services for you.

Our experienced team has been financing office, print and document management systems since 2001. We have an enviable reputation in the market for developing unique value-add finance solutions such as We Manage Print, Total Volume Plan and Technology Plan. With these solutions you can make it possible for your customer to access the office equipment they need, when they need it, to boost their productivity.

We understand the challenges facing your customers today. Use our office equipment leasing expertise to help your customers access exactly what they need – and your business will prosper too.