Healthcare Finance

Healthcare solution suppliers need to determine how care providers can give patients affordable access to these often expensive, yet increasingly critical, technologies. The answer is simple – medical equipment vendors can offer financing solutions.

There are a variety of different leasing solutions available, and each can be structured differently to match specific needs, be they budget related or expected usage. Leasing helps to ensure cost-effective access to the latest and best healthcare technologies – without a significant upfront investment.

As well as the more straightforward Lease, Loan and Hire Purchase products, Lessors (finance companies) are increasingly asked to consider new solutions that cover full equipment lifecycle management – rather than just funding. These include pay-per-scan, managed equipment service and maintenance inclusive funding. Crucially, these solutions take care of the asset at the end-of-life stage, and ensure that all recycling and safe disposal methods are not the customer’s responsibility. Leasing allows healthcare providers to offer first-class patient care and effectively manage constrained budgets.

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Increase sales
Offer customers a more managable way to access essential business equipment.

Remove Risks
We have the size and stability to take on customer risk and help strengthen your offering.

Faster payments
Payment to suppliers is often within 24 hours of customer acceptance, improving your cash flow.




Out-perform competitors
By meeting your customers’ needs in a simpler way.

Keep sales simple
Our processes and tools are designed with you in mind. We collaborate with you to make sure working with us is easy.




Releases capital
Utilising an additional line of credit Cash reserves & traditional banking facilities can then be used for day-to-day running of the business rather than being used to purchase equipment.

Provides potential tax benefits
Some of our finance products can allow customers to claim Annual Investment Allowances or benefit from the usual tax benefits of leasing.



Avoids large initial outlay
Customers don’t need to find the whole equipment value upfront making purchasing decisions easier.

The assets they need,
Without compromise Customers may compromise on the solution due to restricted budgets. Leasing allows investment in what the business really needs & boosts the purchasing power of annual budgets.


By providing finance options, you open up new possibilities for your customers facing common restrictions:

  • Customers without capital to invest can buy through their operating budget. Their new technology becomes a tax-efficient business expense.
  • Customers using long life equipment with limited cash don’t need to worry about being stuck with outdated technology. Our leasing products give them the option to upgrade before obsolescence or breakdown.

For customers considering a capital investment in a non-technology related area, for example, refurbishing a clinic or setting up an additional surgery, we can provide competitive loan terms to sit alongside a leasing agreement. We also provide simple and straightforward hire purchase and lease products allowing you to offer a full range of financial products to your customers.

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