Healthcare Finance

Staying ahead in healthcare means heavy reliance on technical equipment such as 3D scanners, x-ray machines and optical lasers…Whether you are an equipment supplier or the user of the equipment, timely access to technologies that are progressing fast is essential. But this can be expensive. 

Regular equipment updates shouldn’t be a luxury either. This reflects medical advancements that benefit all of us, by speeding up the treatment cycle and making it possible to treat more people (or animals) with success. And in the private healthcare market, patients freely choose their provider based on who will take the best care of them, with technology often being a significant deciding factor.

Healthcare finance
Finance Unlocked
Benefits of Leasing


By providing finance options, you open up new possibilities for your customers facing common restrictions:

  • Customers without capital to invest can buy through their operating budget. Their new technology becomes a tax-efficient business expense.
  • Customers using long life equipment with limited cash don’t need to worry about being stuck with outdated technology. Our leasing products give them the option to upgrade before obsolescence or breakdown.

For customers considering a capital investment in a non-technology related area, for example, refurbishing a clinic or setting up an additional surgery, we can provide competitive loan terms to sit alongside a leasing agreement. We also provide simple and straightforward hire purchase and lease products allowing you to offer a full range of financial products to your customers.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

Leasing isn’t only beneficial for your customers, it can be a new business booster for you too. To help you get the most out of leasing, we provide solutions that are designed to meet your customers’ business needs and can include bespoke finance training, smart tools and dedicated support services for you.

By partnering with a leader in leasing, and one of Europe’s largest banks, you have all-round support to grow sales and outmanoeuvre your competition.



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