Business never stays still. Your customers need telecoms solutions to ensure they’re mobile and sales-ready at all times.

But cutting-edge tools aren’t always easy to justify from a budgetary perspective, even if you’re offering them at highly attractive rates. Smartphones, tablets, and unified communications software often require significant capital and operational expenditure and must be weighed up against other business critical expenses.

Faced with the choice between an effective, high-performing suite of communications solutions and applications, and the opportunity to defer vital upgrades and improvements for the sake of cash flow, your customers will often choose the latter.

Telecoms finance packages offer a simple solution. By offering leasing, you can address the immediate and long-term needs of your customers – encouraging them to buy from you now, ensuring they remain with you long term.

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Benefits of Leasing

How customers benefit from telecoms finance

As expensive as it can be, telecoms technology doesn’t tend to last very long. The industry’s business model is fundamentally iterative: new phones, tablets, and laptops come out annually, featuring major and minor improvements. To buy these products outright every year would strain the finances of most SMEs – but if a customer isn’t cash rich enough to upgrade regularly, they risk lagging behind the competition and encumbering their team with obsolete, inefficient tools.

Telecoms finance is a cash flow friendly way for your customers to receive the benefits of ownership – without the associated burdens. A lease provides a means of quickly receiving the latest technology without denting the customers’ annual budget or leaving them without options when they need to secure the new and updated versions.

Telecoms finance packages don’t just cover the product: you can also include whatever add-ons your customers need in order to make your solution more attractive. If they require support with installation and implementation, you can offer it; if they require routine maintenance or need products from another software suite, it can all be rolled into one agreement. These solutions provide you and your customers with a valuable element of choice in the makeup of their telecoms package.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

As an international equipment leasing provider, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is ideally placed to provide telecoms finance packages. We make it easy to secure the technology your customers need to survive and thrive – empowering them to drive their businesses forward, and your revenues upwards.