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Financing food processing and packaging equipment: it’s easier than you think

Businesses in the food industry are heavily reliant on machinery to get products processed, packed and out of the door. This type of equipment is the foundation of the business, and often run into the ground before it’s replaced.

But heavy usage means during that time, it often needs repairs and replacement parts. Not only is this expensive; the associated downtime and missed deadlines can cut directly into profits. And when the time does come to replace equipment, cash reserves can take a hit too.

The good news? When your customers lease processing and packaging equipment, costs become more predictable and more manageable.

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Why leasing equipment is better for business

Partnering with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions helps your customers to:

  • Improve productivity by reducing downtime, through regular servicing and repairs
  • Target a faster ROI than they would with a bank or other third party loan
  • Hang on to capital reserves by paying from their operating budget
  • Keep up with technological advances, always being able to afford the latest, best and most energy-efficient equipment

Why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions?

We pride ourselves on making it easy to sell your equipment in a way that’s flexible and accurately predict your next sales opportunity. Finance isn’t the complex operation it used to be. And it allows you to offer a solution that could be more cost-effective than a traditional business loan. We partner directly with you, to understand your business and provide quick advice and responses – all designed to help your customer buy more comfortably.

By partnering with a leader in leasing, and one of Europe’s largest banks, you have all-round support to grow sales and outmanoeuvre your competition.