Contract Hire

Business contract hire enables your customers to afford the equipment they need to empower their workforce, improve their processes and keep pace with ever-changing market demands. It gives both you and your customers the competitive edge in a busy market and builds the foundation for a mutually profitable, long-term relationship.

What is business contract hire?

Rather than purchasing a depreciating asset outright, your customers can enjoy all its benefits by leasing it over 12 to 60 months. Each leasing agreement is tailored to meet the customer’s specific business requirements, with asset servicing and maintenance included in the deal.

Business contract hire is a fully inclusive way to rent equipment with service and maintenance costs rolled into the rental payments.

At the end of the contract, your customers return the equipment. If all return conditions are met, there’s nothing more for them to pay.


Benefits of contract hire

This all-inclusive leasing agreement makes sure that assets are fully serviced and maintained throughout the contract period. This gives your customers valuable peace-of-mind as equipment downtime can negatively impact productivity levels.

Your customers benefit from a low initial cost with all payments (including VAT) repaid across the contract period. All repayments count as a business expense and can be offset against tax.* VAT registered companies can claim back the VAT included within the rentals. It’s a tax efficient leasing agreement that allows for accurate budgeting with minimal risk.

*BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is not authorised to provide tax advice. Business customers should refer all tax related matters to their company accountant / auditor.

Why BNP Paribas Leasing solutions ?

We are focused on helping you grow your business. Our financial solutions are developed in response to market demands and provide you with a competitive offer to take to your customers. Our goal is to help you attract the customers you want by providing the right finance solutions to meet their needs.

Every one of our products is packaged in a way that’s simple to understand and easy to manage. Our team of financial experts is always approachable and ready to help.

We are committed to paying your invoices quickly, within 24-hours where possible. This helps improve your cash flow, reduce your credit risk and enables you to venture into larger sales and achieve bigger growth targets.

Our services also include bespoke training and smart tools to ensure that you have all the knowledge and support you need to give your customers the most suitable finance product and service possible.