When you’ve worked hard to close a deal, you don’t want any mistakes, such as a missing signature, to hold things up. It can take time to chase customers to sign a contract and any complications can cause further unnecessary delays.

You will want to keep the process of closing a deal as simple as possible. That’s why BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions provides LeasEsign. A quick and easy way to get documents signed digitally, eliminating the need to send paper contracts to your customers.

The entire process is paperless and leaves no room for human error. Our system allows you to email the documentation to your customer, who can then access it via a web link. They sign directly on their computer or touch screen device. It only takes them a few moments to complete and, once done, the document is back with us ready for processing. It only takes them a few moments to complete and, once done, they can simply return the document to us for processing.

LeasEsign allows you stay on top of your sales pipeline. You can track contracts online and address any bottlenecks in your order pile. You can see who has viewed the contract, who has signed it and which documents are still waiting for a signature. Rather than leaving confidential documents exposed in an office, all digital contracts are securely stored online.

LeasEsign is just one tool that’s designed to help you offer a more responsive customer experience. It improves your efficiency, saves you time, reduces administrative headaches and allows you to focus on growing your business.