What are the benefits of software finance?

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Software is a vital part of every firm’s professional arsenal; the right software can increase efficiency across all business departments. Business intelligence software can help to identify new sales opportunities; HR software can automate the management of staff; and accounting software can handle payroll and help comply with legislation. In an ever-evolving tech landscape it is imperative for customers to obtain access to the software they need. Software finance is a smart cash alternative that offers a range of advantages. In this article, we’ll break down the benefits that leasing software can provide to you and your customers.

WHat is Software Finance?

Upgrading to a more sophisticated software system often means that businesses will be met with large upfront costs. Putting off such purchases can have a detrimental impact on business growth and profit margins. However, when software is obtained on finance, it enables customers to spread the cost of software acquisitions over the software license period. In simple terms, as the lessor, we pay for the initial cost of the software license. This enables the customer to use the software and repay the lessor by way of monthly or quarterly rental payments for a predefined period.

What are the Benefits Of Leasing?

Over time, software can become outdated as technology continues to advance rapidly.  Financing software enables your customers access to the latest software applications to accelerate digital transformation and maximise operational efficiencies. It offers business customers scalability, irrespective of their size through the ability to acquire additional software licences for a fixed monthly budget, allowing enterprises to stay ahead of the competition without a massive capital spend. With leasing, it’s easy to manage upgrades when your IT systems become obsolete. There’s no need for expensive maintenance costs or downtime due to breakdowns.

The Benefits of Working With LSUK

At Leasing Solutions UK we’re proud to offer a range of benefits to our partners.

As part of the banking group BNP Paribas, we are a trusted partner with a wide range of financial products and expertise in the ICT market.

ICT Sales Director, Michelle Clark, has shared what you can expect upon partnering with us:

“Our software finance offering has enabled our partners to sell more during uncertain times by helping their customers to manage budgetary constraints, reserve capital and continue to transform their businesses.”

Our aim is to empower you to needs of your customer, without compromise. Our solutions are innovative, tailor-made and dedicated to your markets and your clients.

Digital Tools:

Upon partnering with us you’ll be granted access to our digital tools that enable you to track and oversee your documents, alongside support from our responsive teams.

Lifecycle Solutions:

In 2021 approx. 1000 laptops per second went to Landfill. Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream, with 59.4 million tonnes of e-waste predicted to go to landfill in 2022.

We are mindful of the lifecycle of the products we lease. Our joint venture, BNP Paribas 3 Step IT, will buy customers old IT devices, and refurbish them for reuse to ultimately avoid sending them to landfill.

Research shows that 64% of customers want companies to take a stand on issues like sustainability. BNP Paribas 3 Step IT help customers do this by refurbishing old IT for reuse and only recycling when absolutely necessary. This is one of the ways we can help support customers ambitions to do something about their e-waste.

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