Your guide to finance & leasing

No matter what industry you’re in, this training covers the things you need to know to give your company a competitive advantage when it comes to selling finance.

Our free, face-to-face training guides your sales people through the background, principles and methods of selling business-to-business finance to your customers.

All training will be led by a BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions professional with wide knowledge and experience in all modules covered. The training modules are a unique offering that will give your team key information that will enhance their effectiveness at point of sale.


A guide to the terminology used by economists and the key principles which guide the working of the UK economy and influence political decisions.

Why attend?
• Enhanced credibility in front of key decision-makers.
• Demonstrate how asset investment has direct correlation to economic cycles, and being able to persuade decision makers to invest accordingly.

An overview of the different trading styles operating within the UK (public and private sector) and methods by which they generate finance. The module also provides an understanding of interest rates and how they are calculated.

Why attend?
• To develop an understanding of the legal and commercial implications within different trading styles.
• To gain knowledge about the range and relative benefits of the various sources of finance.

A module which aims to demystify the language of accountants and give a general understanding of a company’s financial statements.

Why attend?
• To identify the key financial drivers that influence buying decisions.
• To help qualify prospects.
• To assist pre-sale research and help ‘frame’ a sales proposition.

An appraisal of the different types of leasing available and a detailed analysis of the user benefits, including tax implications.

Why attend?
• Offer a leasing solution at point of sale with confidence.
• Effectively handle customer questions or objections.

A short module outlining changes to the way in which some businesses will account for leases from January 2019 and a reminder of the current rules.

Why attend?
• To understand how customers account for leasing agreements.
• To learn how the introduction of IFRS16 will affect UK businesses.

A guide to making leasing an integral part of any sales proposition. Methods used to calculate deals and present a leasing solution to a customer and how to maximise repeat business through lease upgrades.

Why attend?
• To understand how rental prices are calculated and the factors which influence pricing (payment profiles, residuals etc.)
• Discover how leasing options can help to overcome budgetary constraints.

A guide to the credit decision making process.

Why attend?
• To understand how a proposal is analysed by a leasing company.
• To be able to pre-qualify prospective customers and ensure that all relevant information is submitted with proposals for finance.
• To help decide the viability and basis of any appeal when a proposal has been declined.

How leasing companies interpret regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer and Treating Customers Fairly, as well as complying with the Consumer Credit Act.

Why attend?
• To ensure lease transactions are structured in a compliant way and avoid customer complaints.
• To understand the importance of regulatory compliance.

New rules regarding the handling of personal data become effective from May 2018. This very short module explains what’s involved and why most leasing documentation and trading agreements are changing.

Why attend?
• To gain a greater awareness of GDPR, a piece of legislation that will impact all organisations.

An overview of the tools available from BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions to facilitate the leasing process and management of a leasing portfolio (includes E-Signature, Lease Offers and Sales Aid).

Why attend?
• Essential know-how on using the full suite of tools to maximise sales efficiency.

A guide to the range of products available from BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions to provide customers with a managed print service solution. This module includes a detailed appraisal of TVRP (Total Volume Rental Plan).

Why attend?
• To understand the way in which the different finance products available are calculated and presented at point of sale.

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