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BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions UK 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report

2020 was an unprecedented year for all. But, in spite of the challenges faced, we are proud to say that we continued making solid progress towards closing both our mean and median gender pay gaps. Our 2020 gender pay gap report reveals that our mean gap is 30.7% and our median gap is 25.9%*.

We are also pleased to report that, after the appointments of Rachel Appleton (Director and Chief Transformation Officer) and Michelle Clark (UK Head of HR) early last year, our executive committee is now almost 40% female.

In terms of bonuses, everyone at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions UK receives an annual bonus based on two key criteria – eligibility on joining and providing they are not working their notice period at the time of bonus payment. Any variation in 100% payment for either men or women is therefore related to new joiners or leavers. Bonuses are aligned to personal and business objectives. Our median bonus gap is 33.3%.

Our Gender Equality Strategy

Only by removing the root causes of the gender gap pay, and creating a workplace where all employees can thrive to achieve their goals, will we tackle the issues in play here. As a business we are all committed to playing our part to fix this.”

– Michelle Clark (UK Head of HR)

The gender pay gap is not caused by unequal pay for men and women in the same levels and roles. It is as a result of there being a greater proportion of men in more senior roles, and in roles that typically attract higher rates of pay (e.g. sales). Women make up a larger percentage of the lower to upper-mid quartile roles. It is when you get to the upper quartile that the percentage of women decreases.

In response to this, our gender equality strategy focuses on three core areas: recruitment, career development and organisational culture. Across these three areas we run a number of initiatives, designed to encourage and support the cultural, and organisational, change needed for gender equality.

Examples of actions we’re taking to close the gap.

Inclusive hiring practices

  • We provide unconscious bias training for all our hiring managers.
  • We work closely with our external recruitment partners to submit gender balanced shortlists for all advertised roles.
  • We send targeted internal communications to promote internal mobility and female career stories


  • We actively promote local and corporate mentoring opportunities and development programmes.

Succession plans

  • We are committed to including at least one female in every succession plan.

Manager training

  • We recently unrolled new e-training modules for all our managers, to support new ways of managing. Topics include: managing work/home life balance, recognising stress signals, and changing mindsets to build confidence in abilities.

To view the BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions UK gender pay gap report click here.

*BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions UK gender pay gap data as of 5 April 2020.