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Flex Office, teleworking: when the workspace adapts to the digital

According to a recent study by the workspace experts Actinéo, many professionals are growing more and more comfortable with working remotely. Already, nearly 50% of professionals work from outside their company’s office at least occasionally. From teleworking to flex offices and co-working spaces, the workplace is becoming more and more flexible. Here’s everything you need to know about this trend.

Companies are shaking up the way they work

Though they remain the norm for 67% of office workers, individual workstations (cubicles or open offices) are gradually being replaced by new ways of organizing work. 


This trend is also changing company premises. With the flex office, employees no longer have assigned desks, but can choose instead to work in different spaces according to their needs — individual workstations, open-access meeting rooms or privacy bubbles.


Companies have fully grasped this trend, as growing numbers seek to enhance the agility of their offices by offering workspaces that are modular, multi functional and flexible. 

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