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Greentech: leveraging technology to power an energy revolution

At its current rate of consumption, humanity needs 1.7 planets a year. Global sustainability now being a mainstream topic, we need to accelerate the change to reduce our carbon footprint.

It is encouraging to see how energy efficiency and the lowering costs of clean energy are shaping the path to the energy transition. We are witnessing enormous progress in performance on wind power generation and we are convinced of the capability of solar power to acquire a significant share of the world electricity production. We are also noticing new efficient ways to produce energy: the process of evaporating water, for example, could power almost 70% of the US electricity needs. Transitioning to clean energies is critical.

Despite this effort, many of the climate scenarios developed by the UN intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) predict that even with renewable energies, we will not be able to reach our goal of keeping global warming under 2°C.

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