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How to sell SaaS: a guide for the IT Channel

‘A Guide to Software as a Service for the IT Channel’ is designed to help businesses like yours learn how to sell SaaS to your customers.

SaaS is a critical area within the global enterprise market, and one that’s worth paying close attention to: by 2018, it’s expected to exceed $50.8 billion in revenue – 27.8% of the worldwide enterprise applications market. For better or worse, it will affect your business.

In our new guide to navigating the burgeoning SaaS market, you’ll learn:

  • Why SaaS is gaining traction – at the expense of conventional Software-as-a-Product solutions.
  • How the evolving SaaS market reflects a wider transition from ownership to access of products.
  • The benefits SaaS offers the IT channel and its customers
  • How finance can help you transition to a subscription-based payment model whilst keeping your cash flow optimised.
  • What the future holds for SaaS – and how your company can be part of it.

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