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Top 7 commercial vehicle apps for drivers

New mobile apps can help drivers and haulage companies drive smarter, and safer. With much of their time spent on the road and waiting for deliveries, CV drivers need to arm themselves with the best commercial vehicle apps on offer. Here’s our round-up of the best apps on the market:

  1. 1. MotorwayBuddy >

This commercial vehicle app is designed to help truck drivers, haulage companies and truck stops operate more safely and efficiently. The fleet version enables real-time incident reporting straight from the driver’s mobile, alongside checklists that automatically upload to help audit compliance. Drivers can use the app to find places to stop overnight, and the app also simplifies driver expenses by enabling digital transactions for truck stops, truck washes and weighbridges.

  1. 2. FleetSafer >

FleetSafer automatically detects driving status and engages Safe Mode when driving movement is detected, bringing up a curtain screen and silencing all incoming calls, messages and notifications. Full functionality is restored when the vehicle is stationary.
This commercial vehicle app helps encourage good driving practice and ensures compliance with safe driving policies.

  1. 3. Truckstop UK >

Truckstop is a commercial vehicle app that provides details on over 200 truck stops, listing thousands of parking spaces as well as the amenities available at each stop. Truck stops are important rest areas for drivers, and regular breaks are essential for road safety. Truckstop uses GPS to help drivers and freight transport operators plan their journeys and rest and park safely.

  1. 4. Trucker Timer >

TruckerTimer is designed for truck, lorry and HGV drivers in the UK and Europe to help them track their driving hours and let them know if they’re at risk of fatigue violations. This helps drivers stay legal and abide by the complicated EU driver’s hours regulations.

  1. 5. Truck Buddy >

Truck Buddy lets drivers connect with other drivers on the road all around the country. Features include a driver timer, a chat function that lets drivers communicate with each other, traffic alerts, trucking news and information on food and fuel stops.

  1. 6. Voice Text Pro >

The app converts speech into text and directly sends messages to e-mail, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. Users can also send the text to their clipboard and paste it into any other application. This is ideal for CV drivers who spend long hours on the road, helping them to stay safe and avoid texting while driving.

  1. 7. Daily Defects >

Daily Defects is a commercial vehicle app for UK truck, coach, lorry, HGV or other heavy vehicle drivers. The app enables them to keep a record of their daily vehicle inspections, as required by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Drivers can easily record the results of each inspection point check, and if anything is defective they can make a note and include a photograph if needed. Defect reports can be exported as printable PDFs for easy sharing with transport managers, or just to provide a record for the driver’s own benefit. Checklists can match up with DVSA or specific agency requirements.

Of course, although commercial vehicle apps can help improve safety, compliance and efficiency, they are no substitute for investing in up to date, compliant commercial vehicles.

If you are a business looking to finance new commercial vehicles, or a dealer looking to help your customers invest in your product range, get in touch with our commercial vehicle experts today.

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