What to expect from the Spring Budget 2024

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The economic landscape of the UK is currently marked by the recent announcement of a technical recession. With a general election also on the horizon, businesses find themselves navigating through an array of challenges. Compounding these challenges is persistent inflation, which remains above the Bank of England’s target at 4%. In such turbulent times, businesses are seeking resilient strategies to maintain stability and foster growth. Leasing can be an excellent option amidst economic uncertainties as it provides the flexibility businesses need to adapt.  


The 2023 Autumn Statement unveiled significant measures aimed at bolstering the business environment. Notable among these were the permanence of full expensing allowances and reductions in national insurance for workers. These initiatives underscored the government’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for business growth.

Full expensing allowances present an attractive proposition for businesses, as they enable the deduction of the full cost of qualifying assets from taxable profits in the year of purchase. This provision applies not only to outright purchases but also to hire purchase agreements. It is therefore a compelling option for businesses looking to get the full capital tax allowance before having to pay for the equipment. With its launch in April last year, it can be speculated to be a contributing factor to the 6.1% increase in capital expenditure for 2023.

The reduction in National Insurance announced in the Autumn Budget did not come into effect until January 2024. Therefore, it is possible that it could lead to increases in consumer spending and have a positive impact on economic growth in the first quarter of the year. It could also be a factor in slowing the rate of any reduction in inflation. 

 SPring Budget Predictions

As anticipation mounts for the Spring Budget 2024, speculation grows regarding the relief measures and incentives that the government may unveil.  

So, what is likely to be on the agenda? 

  • Prioritisation of short-term benefits for consumers: With a general election taking place later in the year it is highly likely that the budget will be aimed at delivering short-term benefits to consumers. 
  • Public Expenditure: It is possible that measures could be taken to improve business investment such as limited increases in public expenditure. This could affect sectors like health and transport. 
  • First Year Tax Allowances: There is potential for the extension of first-year tax allowances to all types of leasing, as advocated by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA). This move would level the playing field for businesses considering leasing as a viable financing option, further enhancing its attractiveness in the current economic climate. 

Head of Partner Training and Development, and asset finance expert, Andy Milsom, believes that:


The main measures announced in the Spring Budget will almost certainly be driven by political consideration. If there is any increase in government expenditure, the likely beneficiaries will be members of the public through reductions in personal taxation. Certain measures announced in the two financial statements of 2023 were aimed at increasing business investment and it is possible that some limited further initiatives could be taken in this area.” 

In conclusion, the 2024 Spring Budget holds significant implications for the asset finance industry and businesses at large. As stakeholders eagerly await the government’s announcements, the resilience of leasing as a financing strategy becomes increasingly apparent. With its flexibility, tax advantages, and ability to mitigate financial risks, leasing offers businesses a valuable tool for growth amidst economic uncertainties. As the budget unfolds, businesses must remain agile and proactive in leveraging the opportunities presented to them, ensuring that they emerge stronger in the face of  ever-evolving economic challenges.

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