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What will food in our smart cities be like?

Urban farms, 3D-printed food, ‘super-foods’ concocted in laboratories… all these innovations herald a revolution in our eating habits and afford us a glimpse of what we might find on our plates in 30 years’ time. However, the future is likely to be somewhat different from what we envisage today.


The way we feed ourselves in the Smart City of the future will depend on much more than just technical innovation. The huge increase in the number of city-dwellers in the coming years – the statisticians tell us that eight billion people will be living in megacities around the world in 2050 – together with the need to effectively brake global warming, while at the same time finding solutions for feeding a constantly expanding global population, are forcing us to come up with new approaches to production and consumption.

Today, a number of potential major developments provide blueprints for future food production scenarios. 

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